Hamilton Museum of Steam and Technology. Curated by Heather George.

October 2009-August 2010, Hamilton, Ontario.

The Hamilton Museum of Steam and Technology, in conjunction with the City of Hamilton's Water and Wastewater Division, celebrated the 150th anniversary of the city's drinking water system with a year-long exhibition.

Curated by Heather George, the exhibit explored the many narratives found within the history of Hamilton's water system. The visitor was taken on a journey through the establishment of a municipal waterworks, the financial struggle faced by families to secure access to clean water, the emergence of technologies based on reliable water, and the city’s development of a water and wastewater division.

Michael Cook was commissioned to prepare original photography of Hamilton's treatment plants, pumping stations and storm/overflow sewers for the museum's exhibition and its archives; 14 photographs were exhibited together in the museum's Woodshed Gallery.

Selected Photographs from Water is Life

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