In the very strange, painted-metal arch CSO tunnel

Wall of Anguish

Main-King Combined Sewer Overflow Tunnel

Chedoke Creek
Strathcona, Kirkendall and Westdale Combined Sewer Overflows

Year of Construction:

Construction Details:
Older overflow sewer under Main Street repurposed to carry less frequent overflows from adjacent large overflow storage tanks built in late 1990s.

The City of Hamilton has pursued a long, slow campaign of heavy infrastructure construction to reduce outflows of combined sewage into Hamilton Harbour and Cootes Paradise. The Main-King CSO tanks were installed in the late-1990s to store overflows from combined sewers in Kirkendall and Westdale and reduce their impacts on Cootes Paradise. Together, the two tank cells have a capacity of 75,000 m3. Like all storage schemes, this one isn't a complete solution; as a result, the system still requires an overflow connection to Chedoke Creek, and it uses a tunnel that already existed as a direct overflow connection from a combined sewer that is now routed into the tanks.


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