Junction and drop shaft inside the Lavender Creek culvert.

Lavender Creek Culvert

Lavender Creek (Rowntree's Creek)
Black Creek tributary

Construction Details:
Concrete arched conduit at the outfall leads to a corrugated metal pipe half full of sediment.

Lavender Creek is a tributary of the Black Creek that has been largely obliterated by residential and industrial development in the West Toronto Junction and neighbouring Silverthorn. The small stretch of the creek that remains is littered with trash, partly canalized, and largely ignored. It also must pass through this short drain, which carries it beneath a major railway corridor and Weston Road.

The bulk of the drain is an arched concrete tunnel likely installed c. 1890-1915. This tunnel runs from just east of Weston Road to the outlet where Lavender Creek daylights again into a canal that carries it W/NW to the Black Creek, and contains one short branch that leads to a drop shaft. The concrete tunnel is now fed by a modern (though increasingly rusting) corrugated metal conduit that runs from a surface fragment of Lavender Creek east of the railway corridor.

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