A public installation consisting of 10 oversized printed images of Toronto's underground utility systems, including sewers, heating and cooling distribution tunnels, and a future transmission tunnel. Presented by Great Gulf for Doors Open Toronto.
A major public installation consisting of 27 large-dimension images of Toronto sewers (+ contextual material), exhibited underground for one month in Toronto's St. Patrick Subway Station. Produced by Pattison OneStop and Art for Commuters, in partnership with the 2013 Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival and supported by the Ontario Arts Council.
The Hamilton Museum of Steam and Technology, in conjunction with Hamilton's Water and Wastewater Division, celebrated the anniversary of the city's drinking water system with a year-long exhibit about the system. Michael Cook was commissioned to prepare original photography of the city's treatment plants, pumping stations and storm/overflow sewers for the museum's exhibition and archives.
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