Heavy gauge corrugated metal installed in 1991 to drain the ravine of the Wilson Brook.
Wilson Brook Storm Sewer
Concrete and corrugated metal in a drain whose installation was indefensibly misguided.

This is a short creek drain, running just under a kilometer beneath the industrial/commercial lands south of Eglinton Avenue and west of Victoria Park. It carries the Wilson Brook under municipal works yards, the Victoria Village Arena, and an emergency snow dump site created in 1991 by burying a further section of the creek. The earliest section of the culvert, probably originally built of corrugated metal like the 1991 extension, was replaced in 2001 with concrete pipe (apparently bought on the cheap, see surplus manufacturer's markings, below).

Greenwood Storm Sewers
Undistinguished storm sewer, save for its vertical connection to other system

An undistinguished RCP draining the area north/northwest of the old Main Treatment Plant, this pipe floods out towards the lake and shrinks away to nothing north of Dundas Street. Strangely though, a vertical connection was added between this storm sewer and the western arm of the East Toronto and Midway Overflow Sewer. My colleague was able to rappel from the Midway sewer, through this connecting shaft, to investigate the underlying storm sewer, but unfortunately he didn't find anything to make that effort worthwhile. The storm sewer enters the lake on the west side of Ashbridges Bay.

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