Chedoke Falls, Hamilton's most spectacular waterfall drain

Chedoke Falls Drain
Hamilton Mountain storm sewers outfall as a spectacular curtain waterfall

The Chedoke Falls Drain is Hamilton's most spectacular storm sewer, and a strong contender for the most disgusting storm sewer in the city. Despite outfalling as a gorgeous waterfall into a plunge pool that local kids swim in, the drain is contaminated by extensive household sanitary sewer cross-connections. Apparently the developers that built the neighbourhoods above it couldn't be bothered to locate the actual sanitary main that runs parallel to the Chedoke drain, and simply connected many of these houses' outbound plumbing to the storm sewer.

Beneath Upper Ottawa Street, a grille in the ceiling illuminates a large pool that serves as a gross pollutant trap. The grille provides access should Hamilton Water and Wastewater want to vacuum the solids out of the pool.

Mountain Juggernaut
Enormous storm trunk drains most of the southern Mountain, south of the Linc

Years after we found it, the Mountain Juggernaut remains the largest known storm sewer in Canada, at its best a massive, arch-ceiling loaf-shaped conduit with a 5' deep channel running down its centre and broad ledges on either side. Remove the ledges, and you could fit a great many things inside it. 

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