Midway Overflow Sewer. The trench in the foreground diverts the very small amount of dry-weather flow in the lower part of the Midway Combined Sewer to the High-Level Interceptor.

East Toronto and Midway Overflow Sewer
Overflow and storm sewer network connected to the Midway and East Toronto sewers

The East Toronto and Midway Overflow provides an overflow route for two significant combined sewers, the Midway sewer and the East Toronto sewer, along with some smaller combined pipes. It also takes stormwater from a modern RCP running beneath Coxwell Avenue, and has a vertical connection to another storm sewer that runs west of the old Main treatment plant site. This vertical shaft may provide additional overflow relief for the Midway arm.

Support columns in the Keelesdale CSO Storage Tank

Fortress of Solitude
Non-descript concrete tunnel connects storage tanks and major overflow structure

The Hyde Avenue CSO Overflow Tank stores combined sewage that overflows during rainstorms from the York Central and Eastern Trunk Sewer.

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